Women Making History: Kyrina Mull’s Natural Ability To Curate Vibes Helped Birth Her Creative Agency ‘Loud Ideas’

Source: Kyrina Mull

Kyrina Mull’s innate talent for aligning brands with their audience began at a young age. The self-proclaimed southern girl’s fascination with brands and culture laid the foundation for her career as a branding and marketing consultant. As a child, Mull honed in on her power of persuasion to get what she wanted. “Growing up, I would create presentations convincing my parents to make purchases for shoes or bags,” she tells me in an exclusive interview.

Little did she know that would be one of the many skills she’d have to tap into on her voyage to success. The South Florida native had a heightened interest in being a link in the chain of someone else’s prosperity. She enjoyed being a resource and connecting people to their desired audience, eventually leading her to found Loud Ideas, a full-service creative agency “designed to stimulate diverse communities through innovative and inspirational experiences.” In other words, Mull is a vibe curator for your brand or business.

“By bridging gaps, fostering connections, and bringing diverse perspectives together, I’ve not only carved out my own place but also created opportunities for collaboration, growth, and understanding. This dual capability reflects my commitment to inclusivity, community building, and making a positive impact in the spaces I inhabit,” she says.

Kyrina Mull believes in the power of community.

“I discovered my love for branding while working for Madison Square Garden but what made me want to pivot to owning my own agency was the discovery that In 2023, Black founders in the US received 0.48% of all venture dollars, or about $661 million out of $136 billion in a space where over 70% of leaders in Marketing are white males,” she explains.

Source: Kyrina Mull

This is a troubling statistic for Black women, but it is not surprising. The racial wealth gap extends across all industries and was highlighted by Taraji P. Henson during her The Color Purple press run. Black women are not adequately funded or compensated despite their hard work, dedication, and resilience. They’re also overlooked and undervalued while navigating the unrealistic and sometimes unattainable expectations placed on them.

“The biggest hurdle I’ve encountered is the struggle to be seen and recognized for my talent and leadership abilities, often overshadowed by stereotypes and biases. Despite my skills and accomplishments, I’ve faced barriers in gaining equal opportunities and advancement, as my capabilities are sometimes overlooked or undervalued due to preconceived notions based on age, race and gender,” Mull tells me.

“Overcoming this hurdle requires actively challenging stereotypes, advocating for oneself, and finding allies who recognize and amplify my talents as a leader, paving the way for greater inclusivity and representation in leadership roles,” she continues.

And because Mull believes in community, she thinks finding allies or mentors can empower you in those moments of defeat. “I actively sought out mentors and allies who recognized and supported my leadership potential, while also advocating for myself in spaces where my talents were not being fully acknowledged,” she says. “I’m also a really big girls girl. I love helping other women and lifting as a climb. We are so much stronger together. There is power in alliances.”

Big Capricorn Energy

Source: Kyrina Mull

Mull says her resilience, determination, ability to overcome obstacles gracefully, and strength make her a powerful woman. And if you do a deep dive into her journey to New York, you’ll see that formula weaved into her story’s equation. In January 2010, with $750 to her name, the ambitious Capricorn headed to the Big Apple. Every day for two weeks, Mull would go to the Sony office with her resume in hand until they eventually called security on her. One day, someone found her resume in the trash and called her – she began interning for the company that spring.

Mull’s Capricorn sun and rising explain her drive to create and gift something groundbreaking to the world. Loud Ideas is more than just a creative agency; she’s enabling brands with the tools for success because success is in her astrological DNA. Capricorns are driven by success. They are ambitious, hardworking, and disciplined by nature. But it is her Pisces moon and her upbringing that she credits her creativity to. “My southern roots provided me with a background color, energy, and authenticity,” she tells me.

Highlighting her natural qualities, she created a company that serves as a liaison between a business and its desired audience. “Our goal is to amplify brands by creating multi-faceted marketing solutions that clearly communicate a brand’s story to its preferred targeted audience,” she says. “We offer marketing services in the areas of brand positioning, live activations, brand voice, and strategic campaigns for digital, film, and print deliverables. We help you tell their stories authentically through culture to create value and brand awareness,” she continued.

Walking in her purpose

Source: Kyrina Mull / Kyrina Mull

Reflecting on the mini presentations to her parents, Mull is confident she is walking in her purpose. And despite the bumps in the road along the way, she knows everything she’s endured prepared her for where she is now. “I’m most proud of my ability to navigate spaces where there was initially not a space for me as a Black women and leader.”

“I overcame hurdles by staying true to my abilities, continuously honing my skills, and refusing to be defined by stereotypes or limitations imposed by others. I embraced opportunities to showcase my expertise through projects, presentations, or networking events, demonstrating my value as a leader capable of making meaningful contributions regardless of race or gender. By persistently challenging biases and stereotypes and building a strong support network, I’ve been able to overcome hurdles and continue to thrive in my endeavors,” she says.

Young Kyrina couldn’t have imagined the life she created for herself, but here she is, leaning into the characteristics that have presented themselves since her childhood. And with all she knows now, Mull has an important message for her younger self.

“Believe in your worth and potential. Don’t let anyone else’s limitations define what’s possible for you. Embrace your uniqueness, and never shy away from speaking up for yourself. Trust in your journey, even when it feels uncertain or challenging. Surround yourself with people who uplift and support you, and don’t be afraid to seek guidance when needed. Most importantly, remember that your dreams are valid, and with dedication and perseverance, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.”

You can keep up with Kyrina here, and follow Loud Ideas here.


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